Stenciled Micro Beads

By Debbie Warren (Inspired by Julie Makela)

Supply List:
  • Micro beads
  • O'So Sticky sheet
  • Stencils
  • Cardstock
  • Embellishments
  • Bar of hand soap
  • Scotch Tape



Step 1:
Use a bar of hand soap to completely cover the back side of the stencil.

Step 2:
Cut the O'So Sticky sheet to approx. 1/4" on each side larger than the brass stencil. Remove the red liner side if at all possible, as opposed to the white liner side of the O'So Sticky sheet. It is easier to see what colors you are getting, and it gives you a stiffer surface to work with. Place the soaped side of the stencil centered on the exposed sticky side of the O'So. The idea is that the soap will allow you to pull the stencil off easily after beading

Step 3:
Use scotch tape to mask off the various areas of your stencil. Apply micro beads as a border on the exposed edge around the stencil. Press them in well, and then pour the excess back into the container

Step 4:
Remove the scotch tape. Add more scotch tape to mask off different areas, apply micro beads as before.

Continue to mask and add micro beads until the entire stencil area is covered.

Step 5:
Remove the stencil by gently peeling the O'So off the back.

Step 6:
Add micro beads in clear or a contrasting color to the now exposed area of the O'So (where the stencil was)

Step 7:
Peel off the white liner paper and apply the beaded piece to your cardstock. It is easiest to get a smooth look if you don't completely remove the white liner all at once. Just get it peeled back slightly and folded to the underside, line up your edges, stick down the beaded piece, and then gently remove the rest of the liner by pulling it out from under as you press the beaded piece down. I prefer to cut my cardstock to size AFTER I have added the beaded piece, that way if I didn't get it on straight I have a chance to cut the cardstock "square" to the piece. Note: different sample used in this photo! I forgot to mask off the stencil before applying the border beads, so it's all beaded in the border color!

Finish out your card with whatever embellishments you choose.