Post It Note (PIN) Purses

By Katrina Merryman

Supply List:
  • Cardstock
  • O'So Sticky Tape
  • Micro Beads
  • ATG
  • Stamps & Ink
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon or Fiber for "handle"
  • Post It Note pad
  • Card Template


Step 1:
Stamp on one side of template with your choice of stamps.

Step 2:
If you want to do the Burnishing technique - just take a sponge and ink it up and rub - literally grind the ink into the paper.

Also - if you're totally bead crazy like me you can cut a sheet of O’So Sticky Tape the same as the template and bead the whole darn thing.

Step 3:
Put ATG or similar adhesive on the back of the Post-It-Notes and stick in middle (lengthwise and widthwise) of template.

Step 4:
Fold template over P-I-N so that larger section is on the bottom and smaller section is on the top and make creases where edges are (top and bottom).

Step 5:
Stamp a coordinating image on a separate 1 inch or smaller square of paper and mount on coordinating color. Cut O’So Sticky Tape same size as mounted image and bead with clear or translucent colors.

Step 6:
Mount beaded square on top (smaller) flap with ATG or similar adhesive leaving about 1/3 hanging over the edge.

Step 7:
Now here's the tricky part... take the Velcro dot and put both sides together - Velcro together with sticky parts on outside. Then peel one side off exposing sticky and stick to top flap. Leaving dots together peel other sticky off and close the flap - making sure to position the way you want it to look when the purse is closed. And voila - dots match up perfectly and now purse will open and close time and time again.

Step 8:
Punch two holes, fairly evenly spaced, in the top crease of the Purse (this nifty little option was devised by Cyndee Rust - my thanks - it looks way cooler).

Step 9:
Thread ribbon through each hole and secure with ATG or similar adhesive on inside crease of Purse.


Suzanne Glazier

Cyndee Rust

Eunice Creswell