Card Organizer

By Shona Watson

Supply List:
  • 2 sheets heavier weight cardstock for the front and back covers
  • 8 sheets lighter weight cardstock for pages inside in addition to the pages that need to be downloaded and printed from [HERE]
  • For the address page, print out 1 page front and back of that same page.
  • Book Binding: Ribbon, Wire, Spiral or comb binders
  • O'So Sticky Tape
  • Clear Micro Beads
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Inks


If you are giving them as gifts to non-stamping people, put a card or two in it for them to get started. Make sure to put in a variety; such as birthday, thank you, congrats, etc.

Step 1:
Everyone should have all their pages printed out from the files section. There should be 15 pages. All of these pages need to be cut down to 8 inches, except for the Addresses Page. I have the pages formatted so that you should be able to cut them down from 11 inches to 8 inches.

Step 2:
OK, now that all the pages are cut down (EXCEPT the addresses page), take the January one, put O'So Sticky Tape down both sides and across the bottom. You will attach this piece to the bottom part of your blank sheet. Line up the bottoms and the sides. You should have a little "pocket" now. You can use other adhesives, but I have better luck with the stronger kind, since you will be putting things in the pockets, we want to make sure that it doesn't come apart!

Step 3:
Flip your January pocket page over and attach February to the back of it the same way. Keep doing this with your pages - this is how they should be grouped:

Wedding Anniversaries/Days to Remember

Step 4:
That's basically it!! The only thing left to do is to decorate the front cover. I usually print out something like "Special People To Remember" or something like that to layer on the front also. I usually do all of my inside pages white and then use another color/colors for the front and back covers. You can also stamp and decorate each page inside too.

This is how your pages should flow as you're looking through your book:
Front cover
Inside Front Cover/Addresses Page (Full Size front) (remember the Addresses page was to be printed out front and back)
Addresses Page (back)/January
December/Wedding Anniversaries
Days to Remember/Inside Back Cover
Back Cover