Bottle Cap Beaded Matchboxes

By Terry Townsend

Supply List (for each matchbox):
  • Small Matchbox, painted
  • Uncrimped bottlecap
  • Photo/Image (1 inch round)
  • 1 inch round paper punch
  • Pretty Tissue Paper
  • Modge Podge
  • O'So Sticky Tape
  • Clear Micro Beads
  • Paint your box(es) ahead of time and allow to dry. You can paint with acrylic paint, Lumiere, etc. Believe me, you will want to make several!


Step 1:
Remove inside drawer from matchbox. Paint both pieces entirely.

Step 2:
Allow to dry completely.

Step 3:
Cut a piece of tissue paper or napkin to fit the top of the box.

Step 4:
Modge Podge the tissue paper to the top of the box.

Step 5:
Apply Modge Podge to top, bottom and sides of matchbox.

Step 6:
Place uncrimped bottlecap on a flat surface with inside pointing up.

Step 7:
Cover with a towel and bang with a rubber mallet until flattened.

Step 8:
Cut a photo into a circle with diameter of 1" to fit inside bottlecap.

Step 9:
Use Modge Podge to glue photo to bottlecap.

Step 10:
Cut O'So sticky into 1" circle.

Step 11:
Apply O'So sticky circle over photo.

Step 12:
Remove tape and bead.

Step 13:
Glue bottlecap to the top of the matchbox with Modge Podge.

Step 14:
Insert drawer into matchbox when dry.


Dianne Miller

Camela Gertner

Evelyn Spikes