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O'So Sticky Paperback Tape

Now in stock for a limited time! When it's gone, it's gone!

$26 per package of 10 sheets or $6.00 for a 2 pack. Add $5.75 for shipping up to 16 packages (160 sheets) in a flat rate envy. PayPal funds to PLEASE send it as money to a FRIEND - rather than for goods. Paypal takes a huge chunk if you send it for goods. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS in the notes on Paypal as it does not come through automatically. If you... want to send a check private message me.

This unique adhesive with durable release paper on both sides is ideal for using with die cutting machines and an electric cutter like Cricut. Can also be stamped on with a permanent ink for cutting the tape exactly the shape of the image you wish to cover with micro beads or glitter, embossing powder, etc.

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